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Established 1975 by Eng.Mohamed A. latif, MEACO is one of Egypt’s leading suppliers of pharmaceutical machinery & projects management.
Engineer M.A.Latif was the first to introduce the BFS technology to Egypt & the Middle East.
In few years “LATIF” became the brand equivalent to BFS technology.
40 years ago, Engineer Mohamed introduced the concept of turnkey BFS projects. Nile Co., Nasr Co. were the start. Other projects include:

• Hydelina medical [First private sector BFS LVP Project].
• Orchidia [First introduction of eye drops using BFS technology].
• Ateco.
• Fipco.
• Motahedoon.
• Evapharma [First introduction of unit dose eye drops using BFS technology]
• First BFS facility in KSA
• First BFS facility in Qatar

20 years ago, MEACO started collaboration with a number of leading Korean pharma machinery manufacturers “Sejong”, “Hoonga”, “Chansung”, “Countec” & others.
2017, Engineer Eman abdulatif “CEO” decided to take another step forward in providing biotechnology / biosimilar & oncology industry with unparalleled services including but not limited to:

1. Licensing, tech transfer & commercialization partnerships (API, cell line, compounding & finishing & Analysis & quality control methods)
2. Machinery & equipment’s for:

a. Downstream& upstream process of drug substance production
b. Cell line technology
c. Compounding & bulk production
d. Product finishing [Washing, sterilization, filling, inspection, labeling & packaging
e. Quality control & analysis instruments / equipment’s

Today, MEACO is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical service company in Egypt & the MENA region, transforming from a successful local company into a regional leader.
Currently, MEACO team of 40 loyal engineers, project managers & staff members.
All MEACO machines / services are stamped by several recognized quality seals and the MEACO logo - which, due to our exacting quality standards, acts as our own stamp of approval.



As the innovation and technology leader in pharmaceutical industry, we and our partners focus on research and development. As a result, our machines accelerate the return on investment for our customers.


The durability of our machines is achieved by high quality standards and years of experience. The life time of our machines is extended because of the support of expert technicians and our field service emgineers. Value added services maximize equipment productivity and provide clients with invaluable time and cost savings.


Meaco relays on principals who are as unique as our customers and thier products, therefore, we do not offer off-self machines or systems, instead, we develop individual solutions, customized to meet our years of experience enable us to identify potential improvements or offer suggestions for alternative.


Meaco is a family business that acts with personal responsibility. This enables us to react flexibly on the changing world market's demands. Our work concentrates on our customers. Yet, we keep our promises concerning sustaunable quality and our exceptional after sales services.

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