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Since 1970, Hoonga has been persistent in its efforts to supply packaging systems in global markets, keeping up with fast changing trends and customers' needs. Hoonga-A does not only adapt to ever-changing environment, but we are also set out to be a leader in this fast-paced business while creating new markets and pursing advancement in technology by reinvesting continuous development and creative thinking enable Hoonga to provide innovative solutions and applications for automatic packaging systems. We aspire to bring the highest quality of packaging machines to customers worldwide. With "Mutual Respect, Mutual Prosperity" as our core busuness philosophy, we emphasize mutual respect between our staff and our clients, seeking common interests and benefits while working hard to bring the products that we can proud of.





Hoonga-A is ISO9001/ISO14001 registered and have over 650 customers throughout 60 countries around the world, also is looking to be a leader in this fast-paced business, creating new markets and pursuing development by investing more than 10% of their annual revenues in research and development efforts.


Hoonga-A is manufacturer of packing machinery for both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical use, and one of the most recognizable companies in south korea. it's products mainly include tablet and capsule blister and cartooning machine


Hoonga products can be divided into 4 categories:

HM 900P

Super-high speed blister packaging with the latest technology.

Output: 900 bpm

HM 600R(+)

High speed blister packing for mass production with effective productivity.

Output: 600 bpm

HM 400P

Highly guaranteed blister packaging for medium sized production.

Output: 400 bpm

HM 400R

Highly effective productivity in continuous motion in minimum footprint.

Output: 400 bpm

HM 300P

Most optimized blister packaging for small and medium production batches.

Output: 300 bpm

HM 200R

Efficient blister packaging on balcony design for small sized production.

Output: 200 bpm

HM V6+(TR)

Most flexiable blister packaging for a wide range of format.

Output: 50(40) rpm


Most rconomical blister packaging for a wide versatility field.

Output: 50 rpm


Versatile blister packaging for liquid dose products.

Output: 30 rpm

LB 400

Upgraded Versatile blister packaging for liquid dose products.

Output: 50 rpm

HC 400

High performance carton packaging in continuous motion.

Output: max. 400 cpm

HC 200

Most practical carton packaging for small and medium sized production.

Output: max. 200 cpm

HC 100

Most flexible carton packaging at a low cost.

Output: max. 100 cpm

HB 40

Automatic strech banding and shrink wrapping machine.

Output: 20 cycles

HB 40S

High-Speed automatic strech banding and shrink wrapping machine.

Output: 30 cycles

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